Team . Why ? What ? How ?

Traditionally team is defined as "a group of people who work together at a particular job". Team is an important concept in this world. Idea that to bring about an idea from conception to all the way to deliver it needs group of people together to participate. Take the real world examples from the past,

All these are not done just by one person, always there is a rarity, an outlier but more than the uncommon, anything of importance in this world is created by group of people coming together with common goal. So I am a common reader and participant of a team always questioned concept of team and this is my thought being poured digitally.

Why we need a team is my constant question, can't we get things done in the pace I want to move. so want to write down pros and cons of a team from my experience of it.


These are some of the pros I can think of. There may be more and every domain and industry will have few more of them but above are more generic irrespective of field of operation.

So now that advantages of a team are clear, lets get to the cons of a team.


Before I want to mention the other side of having a team, I like to say these negatives can be mostly be addressed and fixed for good. But still we need to understand before we know what to fix. These are something I have seen and my own perspective

So these are something I have and seeing as a problem when you work in a team. Individual contributors may seem to have none of these above mentioned Cons of a team. But if you see they do have some of these.

So I see the cons of a team are pretty much their strengths. If Teams positives are controlled or overseen they can very well become their weakness and drag everyone down. So I am still thinking team is good option if you can afford to but keeping it minimal and focused are good for rapid progress. But How to handle these negatives, I cannot stop my thought after laying out positives and negatives. There is no worth in this kind of post or for my thinking.

so planning to write these things down as talking points for myself ( future self ). Let's see

So Team can be pain most of the time managing it. We have managers and whole system surrounding Team. Team might look small but effect it produces it bigger than it is. Team need to focus on the process of producing high quality deliverables and system around it should make an effort on giving it enough freedom to do so.

In the end writing about team I just poured my thoughts and observations. I tried to keep the context of team in generic term applicable to any domain or industry but in the end team is just about people. Group of people coming together to work and accomplish certain task. We need to co-ordinate and share and give back to the team. If we can come close to this idealistic team, rest assured we can be certain that Team we are in is the best. I am not sure what this article helps about but certainly helped me to clear my thoughts on Team and why it exist and How a team can be a better one.