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Performance Considerations

Use as much of O(1) data structures where possible. Now approach performance tuning in the order how it is listed

  1. Don't do it
  2. Do it, but don't do it again
  3. Do it cheaper
  4. Do it less
  5. Do it later
  6. Do it when they're not looking
  7. Do it concurrently

From Caffeine


<link rel="preload" href="my-js-file.js" as="script" type="text/javascript" />

Instead of waiting for the browser to discover these resources itself, we can provide a hint to the browser that it should start working on fetching those resources immediately.

Ground Rules

Designing for Performance • Martin Thompson • GOTO 2015

  • Don't use Abstraction unless you see it repeat itself 3 times.
  • Beware DRY, it is the evil siren that tricks you into the abstraction
  • Try to avoid big frameworks. we are missing the point of travelling light
  • Detail of the underlying complexity cannot be ignored

Coupling vs Cohesion


Local Caching


How ConcurrentHashMap works ?