Random Architect Notes

Draft -- This post will have periodic updates

Azure Disk Caching


Azure Disks are standalone resource. They have few types --

  • OS Disk (Default)
  • Temporary Disk
  • Data Disk
  • Ephemeral OS Disk

Support 2 types of caching -

  • Read-Only Cache

This type of cache setup supports services reading from it , but writing directly to blob storage

  • Write-Back Cache
    • In this type, we have services writing to cache and which later writes to blob storage when OS instructs it to.

Virtual Network Peering

  • Virtual Networks are isolated by default.
  • 2 different virtual networks cannot talk to each other.
  • If you want VNets to share and know each other, we need to do Peering



  • you cannot have same address spaces in Virtual Network involved in the peering
  • Cannot have transitive communication. Look for VPN Gateway if you need one.

VPN Gateway

  • It uses public IP with encryption - IPSEC Tunnel
  • Will support transitive communication between VNETs in Hub and Spook model

VPN Gateway

advanced connection

Service Endpoints


  • To open up Azure managed Services to connect with VNets
  • Private IP Address of VNet is known to Services
  • Established over the private connection utilizing Azure Microsoft Backbone connections
  • Not all services are supported
  • This is at subnet level
  • It all happens within Azure

High Available VMs

  • Unplanned & Planned Outages are to be protected
    • Maintainance - planned.
    • Scheduled in advanced - Planned.
    • Hardware or Software failure - Unplanned.
    • No Notice - Unplanned

Point of Presence provided by public cloud.

Always build for performance

  • Do things asychoronizly
  • Optimze for performance. Avoid chatty communications component

Legacy Application

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud Images

Best Practices For Cloud

  • Centralized Logging.
  • Distributed Tracing like Jaeger
  • API Gateways - configured for sticky sessions for Websockets if needed like Ambassador
  • Backend for Front End. BFF
  • DevOps First
  • Monitoring - Prometheus
  • Distributed Caching

Some Cloud Patterns I found useful in the past

Data Patterns in cloud


ImplementationPattern useful for execution


ResiliencyPattern for failure handling